Mic city sons
Seem to dumb everything thing down
I got wished a lot of luck
And I'll tell you what it's worth now

It's a cold-blooded style
Never was worth while
You're as good as they come
But you're suck a fucking trial

You went and called me up
Do you bother me on purpose?
You make me feel like I'm half my age
And at least twice as nervous

You go out whistling Sweet Caroline
And I'm being a big pain
'Cos I never speak my mind

It's a miracle how
No offense is taken
But I'm full of them, man
Any time you feel up to face them

You go drink your problems still
A statue in the barroom
You've got feelings left to kill
Yeah, I won't forget it too soon
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Pop In G Lyrics

Heatmiser – Pop In G Lyrics