I tried so many times but nothing happened,
It seemed the task at hand was much too great for me.
I spent my yesterdays wondering if tomorrow would be the same.
I underestimated Your grace.
But you loved me in spite of my ways
And changed me.

That's the word that comes to mind when I think of all you've done for me.
Oh, oh, change
It's kinda' strange how people say that I act so differently
Oh, oh change
Every passing day I find it easier to say:
"What a wonderful change in me."

Now I find myself staring in the mirror
Taking inventory of the things I see.
I never realized that there was so much missing deep inside
Until you took control of my life.
Like an eagle now I can fly
Cause you changed me.


And everyday I pray that you'll open my eyes to see things your way
Cause I wanna love like you,
Walk like you,
Live like you.
Whatever you have to do
Even if you change me Lord.

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Change Lyrics

Heather Headley – Change Lyrics

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