I never meant to hurt you.

Sometimes these thoughts have a way of making sense
The secrets that you keep turn into accidents
If you burn away the bonds with a fire of selfishness
The positive and negative have a way of blending in

End this now, weve gone too far
Lets take back words that turn to scars

If i could find a way to turn back time
Had to let you know im on your side

Took the easy way, i shut myself down
The only way to ease the pain is to drink until i drown
Ill say it out loud, my voice is the only sound,
So listen up, I'll spell it out
I need your help, i need it now.

Am i not everything
That you wanted me to be
I tried my best, took a shot
In the dark, and i lost
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I Am On Your Side Lyrics

Hawthorne Heights – I Am On Your Side Lyrics

Songwriters: Casey Calvert, Eron Bucciarelli-Tieger, James II Woodruff, Matthew Ridenour, Micah Carli
I Am On Your Side lyrics © Another Victory Publishing

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