Meet me up on 99, beneath the Marco Polo sign
I'll be the one with the box of wine and the $100 car
We can talk about the lives we've led
And count the reasons we're not dead
Or maybe we could talk instead about the ways in which we are

Always nothing or too much to say
Only so many sides of a record to play
And the song that got stuck in my head said
You die by what you live by, every time

Like carnivores to carnal pleasures
So were we to desperate measures
Melting into stagnant puddles, beat down by the sun
I went to school, I didn't stay
Spoke right up when I had nothing good to say
(And I said it to anyone who would listen)

Lay me down in the bed that I made
Starved for sleep by the shirll serenade
Singing over and over:
You die by what you live by, every time
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What You Live By Lyrics

Harvey Danger – What You Live By Lyrics