I used to be a booze hound
Spent my time downtown

Gettin' round
Sittin' in the barroom
Tryin' to get another drink
"I think you've had enough"
"come on, just one more"
This time I ain't feelin' so fine
What cha say we get to downin'
Don't throw me just forget about the line
I wish I could be drownin'
Sweet water, I ain't seen her in a while
I don't know if I can face her
I know she can always make me smile
If I can't outrun my chaser
I used to be a booze hound

Buzzin' round midtown
Gettin' loaded
Tryin' to get a number
Feelin' mighty good

"is this guy bothering you? "
"no, no, I was just"
All my life there ain't never been a drought
That's probably been my downfall
Even though, you know,
I might be passed out
I won't drop the high ball
I know where the river flows
And the lives that it devours
Ain't it great I can touch my nose
But I can't smell the flowers
I used to be a booze hound

Stumblin' uptown
Gettin' higher
Fallin' off the bar stool
Rememberin' where I left the floor
"say buddy, you need some help"
"no, I'm cool"

Come and get me you can be my boogey man
You can catch me on the rebound
You may not fly like the candy man can
But it's safer on the ground
Just one more trip to the fun house
They'll smother me with foam
See, my brother, that's the one house
That I can call my home
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Boozehound Lyrics

Harry Connick, Jr. – Boozehound Lyrics

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