This doesnæ?° have to be an ugly situation (no whoa)
You can wipe the hatred from your face
Iæ?¦ not here to bring condemnation (no whoa)
'cause Iæ?¦ not your enemy
Weæ?³e come this far, we ain't goin back
Weæ?³e broken many barriers, survived the attacks
Weæ?®e here to stay
You can knock us down, weæ?£l get back up
Your insults donæ?° discourage us
Weæ?®e here to stay
This isnæ?° about religious persuasion (no whoa)
This is about a choice we all have to make
We are not about a religious institution (no whoa)
But freedom thatæ?¯ from above and itæ?¯ free

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Letter Day Lyrics

Hanover Saints – Letter Day Lyrics

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