I'll tell you a story of Jimmie the Kid
He's a brakeman you all know
He was born in Mississippi, away down south
And he flagged on the T. and N. O.

He yodeled to fame on the Boston Main
The Wabash and the T. P.
From the old Grand Trunk to the cotton belt
He yodeled on the Santa Fe.


On the Lehigh Valley, he yodeled awhile
Then he went to the Nickel Plate
From the old Lake Shore and the Erie Line
He yodeled to a Cadillac Eight.


He yodeled his way to the C. & A.
The Lackawanna and I. C.
He rode a rattler called the Cannon Ball
Then he yodeled on the M. K. & T.


Now the story goes that Jimmie the Kid
Has a yodeling mama so sweet
They go "Cadillac-ing" every night
And they yodel up and down the street.


He rode freight trains from East to West
He's fixed himself up nice
He's got a beautiful home, all of his own
It's the yodeler's paradise.


They've treated him good,
They've treated him bad
He never done any wrong
He yodels a yodel that ever'body knows
Is the yodeling brakeman's song.
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Jimmie The Kid Lyrics

Hank Snow – Jimmie The Kid Lyrics