A long wander in the dark...
Corridors with no air to breathe
Doubts about the directions to take
A god waiting to rebirth and...


We were lost, forgotten
Dismembered, stagnated...
Scant hope to proceed
Scant desire to create and...


Canticle of a sorcerer
Origins a long path
Only When the woods awakens
Reveals the magic to the world
Celtic wisdom embraces
And inspire a greater sequel...
It was a first channelling
Kinship with a brighter ideology

Celtic wisdom embraces
Kinship with a brighter ideology

Strange symbols,
Carved as ogham glyphs
Describes the old, abandoned,
Distant ruins of a pantheon
Fire, earth, water, air
Are invoked to make debt
To the glorious Morrighan...

Deceitful, unscrupulous, majestical might
Dogma of a king

Dark, forbidden, charming pact
Shortcut to infinity
Augmentation to every skill
Profitable risk to take
Linger with anticipation
The arrival of tones
Announcement of a time
Consumed by the vortex...

The rebirth is about to begun
Fulfilled with past memories

Visit a great dome
Above the theatre of illusion
Wrath is contained and tamed
For only brief instants
A journey to continue
New Trails to be explored
Even alesia's within contact
Where some ravens hold

Hate ends all oddities
Allusive words related...
Joined form this rebirth
Element of a greater set

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Rebirth Lyrics

Gwydion – Rebirth Lyrics