She's a little angel
Only seventeen but
She don't need no money
She just winks her eye
She won't give you any
But if you're in a band
Then she'll call you daddy
I think you understand
Mommy's little princess
If they could see you now
Their precious little girl
You know she's going down
She thinks she's got them fooled
But everyone sees
That she ain't no angel
But hell she aims to please
She'll make you think that
You're the one
Loves you for an hour
Than she's gone
Every weekend its
Another band
She's seen everybody's
Tour van
Stay away from me, stay away from me
You fucked all the punk bands
It don't make you cool
You have become a joke
Nobody needs you
Its time to be yourself
Its time to stop the act
I might like you better
So just get off your back.
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S.D.F.B. Lyrics

Guttermouth – S.D.F.B. Lyrics