Here’s a picture from the house of meatAre you the person I’m scheduled to meetTo assess my skeleton’s worth? Do the earthCurtains open and the guests are friedIn my attempt to seem dignifiedI re-enact my birthDo the earthDo the earth I wanna ramble in opium fieldsPlaying tricks on the invasion boysPenetrator like a space invader - do the earthDo the earth- this tear will never wash awayOn any human sanitation dayAnd I will starve to death and wither awayUnless you feed meI’m too tired to run from the tigerI’m too dumb to hide in the bushesI’m a human costume with veins of goldI’ll face the punching bag - do what I’m toldTil I get old and have to dwellIn the valley of the ironmanDo the earth -- you beckon me and leave it up to fateYou offer salvation and I salivateAnd the thought of my next free cheeseHear the voice
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Do The Earth Lyrics

Guided By Voices – Do The Earth Lyrics