[Verse 1]
There's no reason I'm as evil as I can be
I pray to Jesus please keep my mind at peace
I just want to stay humble and patient
that's when stupid niggaz come at you with gay shit
He look like Big, he sound like Big
Yo I'm be -L-A-see-K nigga you dig
I guess it all started when Keesh left this earth dog
And the doc gave me my worst call
And told me that my boo goin through convulsions
Imagine my mind state and emotions
Hell my moms goin though it with my step pops
He got cancer in his lungs and his chest's rottin
All I wanted to do was be a winner
All I ever ate was hot dogs and chips for dinner
I sacrificed so much for my career
That's why my eyes shed blood for tears
[Chorus] x4
In my heart it burns this fire
and I don't fear none of y'all
[Verse 2]
I been in the industry for a year now
All my life I wished for this I'm here now
I didn't know it was so much politickinI feel like a motherfuckin' politician
Just yesterday I was out there hustlin'
Did a three song demo, now they want me in
Nines and four fives, pots and drawers
Got Virgin callin me with P Farmer
Give shoutouts to my niggaz down and rich
They was with me ever since I was on the bench
When I had no shoes, had no clothes, had no food
Had no dough, had no hoes
Shit was real thirsty back in them times
Like Martin Lawrence a Real Thin Line
I ran across a few real niggaz, a lotta hatin' niggaz, a lot of fake niggaz
Oh lord
[Chorus] x4
In my heart it burns this fire
and I don't fear none of y'all
[Verse 3]
If I see you round the way and you catch me in the hood
show me love, nigga show me love
If I see you rollin a spliff and you separate the seeds from the buds
Let me get a puff
If you see me pissed off with the hammer in my hand, loadin' slugs
Nigga I'm a thug
If you see me with a bitch that you never seen before
I'mma fuck or nigga I done fucked
I remember when I was just a little boy
Watchin' moms play that organ with that big voice
It touched me in a certain type of way
Like the rhyme smooth sounds of Marvin Gaye
I didn't know Compton was like that
Until I got out there and had to fight back
Walkin' back and forth up the way-ly
Them Lucas Park niggaz tried to beat me daily
I guess that shit made me tougher
that's why I love every last one of my brothers
Hide always, they're with me in the struggle
Whether I'm glad or sad I'mma always love 'em
The game is so fuckin' treacherous
A buncha bullshit niggaz, fuck y'all rhetoric
[Chorus] x4
In my heart it burns this fire
and I don't fear none of y'all
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Hearts Of Fire Lyrics

Guerilla Black – Hearts Of Fire Lyrics

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