[Verse 1: 2 Chainz]
Who me? Aint’ s**t
Sittin’ court-side at All-Star
And this? Givenchy
My shirt covered in all stars
And y’all wasn’t wearing gold watches
‘Til you seen us wearing gold watches
And you may have a hit b***h
But this one’ll knock the ball park
And oh! Lawnmower, just for the snake boys
Shoot your a** into pieces, man
And deliver it to your front door
Oh! Encore, they want more, they’re fans now
Got your girl a** clapping, hands down
Don’t approach me with your hands out
Sittin’ down I still stand out
Tall n***a with jewelry on
Like Christmas lights on a damn house
It’s me, and I’m cool with it
You don’t know what to do with yourself
When I do it, I’m doing it fresh
Born to do it, so I do it to death
Climbing the steps, welcome my dawgs
We don’t get along, I’m tellin’ ‘em fetch
Hit ‘em like “Pa! ” Hit ‘em like “Pa! ”
Shoot up the spot and I’m leavin’ like “Ah! ”
Okay, you know I started from scratch
I got to the strip club just to relax
I get a flat tire, I buy a new car
You know what time it is, check the Rolex

[Hook: Gucci]
If you keep whining, baby, you gon’ lose me
Better choose me, baby, come choose me
So fine that I let the girl use me
But I don’t ever get used up, usually (turn up, turn up)
Baby use, me – baby, use me
Baby use, me – baby, you can use me
Baby use, me – you can use me
But I don’t ever get used up, usually
Makin’ no noise
That n***a ain’t makin’ no noise (nah, nah)
Makin’ no noise
No n****s ain’t makin’ no noise (shut up)
Makin’ no noise
Them n****s ain’t makin’ no noise (nah, nah)
Makin’ no noise
That n***a ain’t makin’ no noise (shut up)

[Verse 2: Gucci Mane]
If you’re an ugly hoe, I can’t leave with ya
If you’re a broke n***a, can’t smoke weed with ya
If you ain’t a boss then I can’t sip lean with ya
I’m not a rapper, b***h, I’m a mob figure
4-58, it’s a centerpiece
These hoe n****s ain’t seen half of me
Got a pimp cup, I’m in the strip club
And the difference is these hoes ask for me
Laflare, n***a, I’m rare, n***a
Can’t match s**t n***a
You a bad n***a? Well I’m a bad killer
You a f**k n***a, I don’t f**k with ya
2 Chainz, n***a, my cous-cous
All my cousins sell drugs
My brother sent a pack, I fell in love
And told everyone I know I sell bud

[Bridge: Gucci]
All I rock is designer clothes
All I take is designer drugs
So geeked up couldn’t find the club
Woke up on the beach with a bag of bud (damn)
2 Chainz, two times, got major money
More money than a label tryna sign a thug
Ain’t seein’ y’all sayin’ y’all wanna sign with me
‘Cause the artists you’ve got ain’t hot enough…

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Use Me Lyrics

Gucci Mane – Use Me Lyrics