Jenny's sixteen, she was feelingDown; living on the
edge in a deadEnd town; everybody's talking,Saying
she', gonna fall. daddy leftHome when jenn was
five;Mamma's broke down, is she deadOr alive.
when it all adds up,She's got nothing at allYou gotta turnaround, you knowLove won't lot you
down. i wannaTell you, now, i know a love thatWon't let you downNow she's eighteen,
gonna leave itBehind; heading for the city, gotThe
lights in her eyes; gonna makeIt happen. she's playin' to
win,Livining high wire wuith the happeningCrowd. for
a while she was happy,Now it's bringin' her down
noMatter where you, go, you knowIt's all the
same.Chorus:You gotta turnaround, you knowLove won't let you down. i wannaTell you now, i
know a love thatWon't let you down. you gottaTurnaround, you know love won'tLet you down. i
wanna tell you,Now, you gotta turnaround,TurnaroundYou lie awake and you rememberThe
love you felt so long ago; theVoice that spoke to you when
you,Were younger. the love of godWon't let you
go, i want you to knowChorus
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Turnaround Lyrics

Guardian – Turnaround Lyrics

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