I have not come, no, lord to testify
About our bad, bad misfortune
And I ain't there to wond'rin' why
Oh but I'll live on and I'll be strong
'Cause it just ain't my cross to bear

Sat down wrote you a long letter
Lord it seems just like the other day
Said sure as the sunrise, baby
Tomorrow I'll be up and on my way
But I'll live on and try and be strong
'Cause it just ain't my cross to bear

Oh, but I'll live on baby, try to be strong
It just ain't my cross to bear, yeah
No now baby
But in the end, baby
Long towards the end of your road
Don't reach out for me darling
Oh I'm not gonna carry your load
But I'll live on baby, I'll be strong
Just ain't my, cross, to bear
No no, whoa
But I'll tell you one time I'll be there
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It's Not My Cross To Bear Lyrics