Have you ever been as lonely as a man upon a hill
He got no one's affection and I guess he never will
He just sits there in his overcoat, looks down at his shoes
He don't have to read the paper 'cause he's already heard the news

Love, love never fails
Love, love never fails
Love, love never fails
Love, love never fails

There's a sky that's painted every color in the sun
And a mountain in the distance? Eyes? Feel as one
But they get right on a-movin'? Just as?
And every man's a family man and they all realize

[Repeat chorus]

You can climb the mountain
You can swim the deepest sea
You can save up all your money
It don't mean a thing to me

There are good times, there are bad times
There are times that can't be found
You can get 'em, don't forget 'em
And don't let 'em bring me down

[Repeat chorus 2x]
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Love Never Fails Lyrics

Greg Kihn Band – Love Never Fails Lyrics

Songwriters: WRIGHT, BRUCE
Love Never Fails lyrics © Warner/Chappell Music, Inc.

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