Aight, let's go
Yo you
What's your response to the M-C's down there on the corner, man
Talkin' about doin' you somethin', man
What's up with that?

First of all, man
No M-C in the world can get with this, gee

Yeah, I know that, but you know
Well, this guy is talkin' that foolishness

I tell you what, gee
Yo, line em up

Turn on your radio, here we go again
It's time for the you to flow again
Mellow and smooth, blowin' cool like a summer breeze
Just like leaves from the trees, you dumb M-C's
Are gone with the wind
When I blow, you'll all end
So fasten your seat belt, sit back and hold on
Brace yourself and prepare to get rolled on
And I'ma take it to your death
Watch you scream till your very last breath
I get vexed and explode like a bomb
Catchin' more bodies than Vietnam
The mic's a fuse, and my brain is the dynamite
Ignitin' when type M-C's keep tryin' to write
Rhymes like you
You can't swing it, you're doo-doo
Talkin' a lotta stuff, but that's not enough
It takes action, and you ain't got enough
So when you come, bring a army
Even your mommy, and you still can't harm me
Cause fake M-C's, enemies, and foes
I just smack em and watch em fall like dominoes
(Back-slap ya all down like why'all were dominoes)

Who's the smoothest, that's the question
If you don't know, then keep guessin'
You're not sure? Well, here's a clue
It's one letter, the you
My technique and talent perplexes
While my rhyme flexes from here to Texas
Handsome and tall
You want to battle? Come one, come all
I crush your world while your girlfriend swings low
Get with this? Yo, I don't think so
So take a step to the back
What, is you stupid, or is it crack?
My brain flows and grows like a embryo
Suckers are frontin', but they don't really know
What damagin' a mic's about
One two three strikes, you're out
What I recite will ignite like sulfur
Bite, you might catch a ulcer
So take this advice for your personal safety
Drop your mic and get the hell away from me
'Cause enemies and foes
I just smack em and watch em fall like dominoes

Nice and easy, yeah, that's how it ought to be
If it ain't smooth, it ain't raw to me
Give me a mellow beat and a bass line
Rhymes combined make you move your waistline
So listen as the rhyme is said
But you don't have to dance, just bop your head
Daddy you's as smooth as smooth can get
Bodies movin', it proves that the groove's a hit
A vocal tone don't get no crisper
Loud and clear even if I whisper
So give me a slow pace, beat with a low bass
And pass the mic and I ain't goin' no place
I won't fatigue, take a pause, or retire
Energy flows to me from a microphone wire
Soon as it's plugged up, couples are hugged up
Touch the you? Boy, you must be drugged up
Cause fake M-C's, enemies, and foes
I just smack em and watch em fall like dominoes
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Dominos Lyrics

Grand Daddy I.u. – Dominos Lyrics


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