[Pop The Brown Hornet]
Hip hypnotized, don't look surprised
As I lure you into the world of true lies
You never witnessed the excellence of pure poetry
Performed by a Shaolin monk straight out the monastery
Hittin your cranium like two jugs of helium
Blowin you up like explosives on a truck
The outcome is similar to Hiroshima
As I bounce off the scene like a jet-black Beamer
Nuthin like the rush I receive from killin MCs
Enemies better freeze before I squeeze
It's life or death wrapped up in a single breath
Electrifyin, watchin MCs careers dyin
Gettin struck with the accuracy of a sniper
No doubt, the sight of blood gets me hyper
Ready to run up in your area
With a silencer *wsh-wsh* die muthafucker
Yeah, wassup now boy, all you can take, you can't take no more
Next up is the Down Low Recka

[Down Low Recka]
In your circumference, quick fast you never saw me comin
Like that gun I'm stunnin, makin niggas run and
The shocker, I cause electrical sparks
Like a flashin light in the dark in the thunderstorm at night
The bark is equivalent to the bite
So test the teeth, nigga feel the grief
Bloodthirsty, observe as I rehearse thee murder plan
White man can't kill like my pen
I'll be damned if I let these niggas approach me
On the East side where my coast be, look closely
Before I snap my fingers and transform to smoke with the quickness
No doubt I'm sick with the slickness
The realness, ten years of dues I can't lose
Paid up, dyin in this bed that I made up
So be out before I spit out the venom
And be my victim so I can live forever in the rhythm

[Pop The Brown Hornet]
Bow down to the underground emperor
Once you enter the circle you find me in the cen
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Underground Emperor Lyrics

Gp Wu – Underground Emperor Lyrics

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