Forget how you feel right now this is real a story for the reel
Rewind and play it back you had to take that pill enforce a conscious drill
Think back and find it fills with unsettling facts remember who you are relax sit back
And find out what's in store for you don't you know the words that you're saying
Are attracting moths to this flame and they are dancing it look so impossible
That we may never fall so hold on to your guns I fell out of love with the story about
How it feels to be lost I'll make it out I swear even if it takes all night
This tale will end for me right now these walls are closing in and they're so quite
The coldest heart lies in my bones like we thought this was something real
Now that we're here no we can't stop I never thought I'd see my bag
Packed at your door apart of me believes you're near me
No spoken words will save me from this lift my hands to the sky
It's going to be alright the worst is over a new chance for you love
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The Great Debate Lyrics

Goodbye Blue Skies – The Great Debate Lyrics