There was a red light coughing up a room of blood
And there were forecast seven inches of snow
And there were two tunes playing in my head at once
Arguing guitar and drums
There was a lover standing by her bed
With a cigarette burning on her hand
And there were moonbeams playing on her porcelain flesh
A capi ero alousca

Company cars and shoes were never meant to play the blues
You were the only fool I ever wanted to make love to
Even within my youth I denied I wanted to
You were the only fool I ever wanted to make love to

There was a red Mayan parrot pulling chicken legs
And there were weak spots only she could detect
And as I rolled over to block the last ray of sun
In emergency all over the show
There was a blue light the other side of the globe
And there were four cats stretching out their claws
And there were two lovers separated by the telephone


Your flavors are getting to me [Repeat: x4]
Your flavors [Repeat: x4]
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Flavors Lyrics

Gomez – Flavors Lyrics

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