Drop back, I'm not waiting for tomorrow
There's not enough time to borrow to take me there
I've lost track, of all this time that's wasting
Look at the world we're chasing to get nowhere

I'll be there darling, see you smiling
There's nothing I'm not trying
One year and we'll be flying, wait and see

Picture perfect scenes of romance
I just need one more chance
Dance with me baby dance
One more dance and it goes
And it goes

Look around this place, your dirty hands
Your dirty face and walk away, just walk away
Take what is yours, nothing less and nothing more and walk away
Just walk away. Walk away, just walk away.

I'm on gone one more time to
I'm not gonna let you down
Picture this and then you'll see why I believe
And it goes on, and on and on
It goes on and on I'll see you
Cause I'm watching
I will not let you down
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Drop Back Lyrics

Going Second – Drop Back Lyrics