I gaze into the bleak faces
The crooked figures coming around here to die
On Golgatha-Hill I reside
And crucify them

There's one amongst them who was living in vain
The King of Jews is now a King of Pain

First they brought you incense and gold
Now they bring you hammer and nails
On a ross ends redemption foretold
The reign of God is a kingdom which fails
I'm your demise
Emperor of lies!

I drink the wine of fear from your eyes
As I lift my hammer up high
And feast on your pitiful cry
With my first nail

The only way to salvage your soul
Is self-sacrifice, that's what you preach
Now I grant you the best chance to teach it
The jackals and ravens

You told your followers about your kingdom above
The first four metres you're already aloft!

Now I've taken your blood and your flesh
And hung it up high in the wind
Now would you please forgive me my sins
As you have promised?

Oh you glorious ruler benign
Tied and fastened in your kingdom up high
Bless your followers with arms opened wide
And perish forever!
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Carnifex Lyrics

Goat Of Mendes – Carnifex Lyrics