Well, I was wondering
If you'd fly away with me
We'd go to a promised land
Some place, sometime to breath

You know I got faith in you
Put a little trust in me
We've got what each other needs
So, baby, just believe...

[Pep Love]
I do
You and I, I
You and me, we
Could come together and set this world free, please
Believe in this dream we gon' weave
'Cause we believe in this thievin'
This heavin', this eve of destruction behind us
Let this love intertwine us and find us
Out of this bind plus
Peace, your highness
Ease your mind
It's time to just chill, and just build, and just unwind

[Chorus x 2]
Ease you mind, come chill with me
No more work, just for a week
It's goin' good
Now, we can see
We were meant to be

When I first looked at you
I knew there was something real
You're different from other men
Wanna give
To you what you've given me
There's no need to question these
Intentions that I have

It's the little, subtle things
Excuses to make you smile
Come over just for a while
Don' wanna hold back anymore


[Pep Love]
Infinity and beyond
The potential for this stretch is long
We on a higher echelon
And extra strong
When we're together, there's no pressure, just a song, and
You inspire me
I empower you
We on some real shit
'Cause this is how we do
To let love live
We creatin' a great theme
And makin' a great team is Goapele sing

Some people go
On looking for
Is a life time
Just to find what we have now, so
Let the wind blow
Let the sun shine
Let the birds fly
Turn it up, let's ride
Come on, let's catch a show
Escape a moment
In these tryin' times you got me on a natural high

[Chorus x 3]
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Ease Your Mind Lyrics

Goapele – Ease Your Mind Lyrics

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