Qu⌦ㄲ㬸 alegr韆 s⌦㈲㬱 se駉r...
Aqu⌦㈲㬱 con toda mi gente
Y con gran admiraci髇
Brindo esta celebraci髇
De mis raices trascendentes
Yo les traigo un g黙g黙nco
Para que nunca te olvides
De este ritmo sin igual
Y con eso despertar
El orgullo de tu origen
Qu⌦ㄲ㬸 alegr韆 s⌦㈲㬱 se駉r
De mi uba a todo el mundo
Yo no s⌦ㄲ㬸 quien lo empez⌦㤱㬰
Para aqu閘 que lo invent⌦㤱㬰
Yo le rindo este tributo
Y aunque el tiempo pasar⌦㈲㬳
Es nuestra responsabilidad
A trav閟 de la canci髇
Servir como educaci髇
Y seguir la tradici髇...
Que siga la tradici髇


I'm so happy, yes sir
Here with all my people
And with great admiration
I offer this celebration of my roots
I bring you this guaguanco (another typical Afro-Cuban thythm)
So you'll never forget this unusual rhythm
And to awaken your pride in your origins
I'm so happy, yes sir
From my cuba to all the world
I don't know how it began
But to whoever invented it
I now offer this tribute
And although time will pass
It's our responsibility, through song
To serve as an education and
To continue the tradition
May the tradition continue )
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Tradicion Lyrics

Gloria Estefan – Tradicion Lyrics

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