All my life
I've waited for the right
Moment to let you know
I don't wanna let you go oh
Now I realize
There's just no perfect time
To confess how I feel
This much I know is real
So I refuse to
Waste one more second without you
Knowing my heart


Baby cause I don't
Need anything else but your love
Nothing but you means a thing to me
I'm incomplete
When you're not there
Holding me touching me elsewhere
How long the risk could just dissapear
And I will not even care
As long as you're there

Take this word
Don't let them go unheard
This is me reaching out
I hope you can hear me now
This pain in my heart stands stay
Taking is yours to break
Having to try and lose
Then keep this love from you
So I refuse to
Waste one more second
Without you
Knowing my heart

(Repeat chorus)

Each day
And I
That I
Kept it a secret
And it killed me
It's time
To share what I feel inside

(Repeat chorus)
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As Long As You're There Lyrics

Glee – As Long As You're There Lyrics

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