Tonight I watch you in your sleep
Wondering what dark secrets you keep
Away from me
A careless word falls from your lips
A time and place that somehow slips
From a memory
I feel my way through darkness
But I trust in where your heart is

'Cause each time I close my eyes
I can see better
I dream that we share our lives
Now and forever
Call it faith or just a feeling
Something tells me to believe in you

I feel you near but you're not there
And I feel quiet despair
Of what I might do
I hear a voice inside of me
That cries through the uncertainty
That I feel for you
There are no answers
But I'll take my chances


Something tells me (I believe in you)
Something tells me (you know I believe in you)
Everytime I close my eyes
Oh you know I believe in you
Something tells me.
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Something Tells Me Lyrics

Gino Vannelli – Something Tells Me Lyrics

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