Hey yo, what the fuck is that,
We are niggers how can you shit man,
Two pools niggers get paranoid
Get my fuck nigga, fuck you think you're at home,

It was the night before you got
Next to the house, 2008 and game,
I make a donkeys,
Nobody's back taking that, promise you,
Got some onion
Back in the kitchen records
Fake guns get nature and we don't wanna
It's not conscious, it's not accord to the
Like I got these little bitches come over,
When you think it's safe
Nigga mama.

With the laser major,
Watch this you got the nerve to
Grandma occur
Looks like good game,
And 200 cash couple of condoms and liberty
Cover story
Most unlucky, lucky day,
Army stand there he close the
Too many things going this way
So I just every Sunday going nowhere
I went home, switch grab me a bear,
Burger King

With the fuck when I'm really pale, is it rare
No ghosts pass the toast is def' a deal
Have a mal
While I'm in the kitchen pretending to be a call,
I give my cake on,
Love me like a
Things love me like day long
Black mafia �¢?�¦niggers but we don't see piano,
To Oprah niggers steady need to,
Take the new era off
I know niggers in the grill that fuck on the grill,
Fingers to your mom and know this is real,
Is 20:10, how the fuck top 10 to get the shit stop it
I started I'm the reason for the five shit
Pictures on my
How I kill in the pussy crown got the bell
Bitches, now I hate time,
Only I want is money my nigger, I like a state time,
Great with the rest line,
And I got that baby cash motherfucker.
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Drama Lyrics

Ghostface Killah – Drama Lyrics

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