[Verse 1: Riley Simon]
Yessir, man i swear man im on again
I was tall last night, now im on again
Its absurd that you're solid
Nigga i flow like a liquid
I put a metal on the chest like a Robocop
Its a thorny question, i really dont get it
I sold my soul now i miss it
I pour out my heart now drink it
Ay! Ay! A rule u take
And OG's first, and surtuary weather

[Verse 2: Gensin Gee]
Go Shawty, drop it drop it low like Gee
When im rocking, you aint never see me rollin'
On your stalking, i stay Fresh To Death for real
Call me Gensin, Chris J, Sling Shod, Uh!
We the best man, Simon where u at homie?
We on fire, and we gettin' money like
Ery'body, call us Ghetto Smaxx, we aint running
Hip Hop in five more rapping, in my pocket

[Verse 3: Sling Shod]
Got my own style le swagger ya Mapantsula
Coz this is not Tunechi, i swear kea latola
Ke tsoara lipokotho zaca kapele tlisa
Nka u koeleta, nka u tlepetsa
Nka u romela Mafisa
Nthoena ke Three Star linaleli tsa meso
Shout out my big boy, o phatsoane Tsiliso
Entlek! Ke se ke le teng ke Mampheng oa Lerabele
My songs are not like Rozay ke u chaele

[Verse 4: Chris J Martian]
We spit bars,
And we always go hard
My flow is so retarted
And you niggas bizzare
Im smoking on that strong
Cocaine and He-roine
I R.I.P em fuck that we raw
Tie em down, hit em up
Call that shit see-saw
Keep talking that isshsh
We cut your tongue with a saw
I you say you're balling
You aint getting this far
I came down to Earth
There was traffic on mars......
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Egyptian Freestyle Lyrics

Ghetto Smaxx – Egyptian Freestyle Lyrics