F/ Master P

[Master P: 2X]
Hustla Hustla murda murda

[Chorus: Master P]
Hustla, balla, gangsta, cap peela
Murda murda murda murda
Hustla, balla, gangsta, cap peela
Who I be? Your neighborhood drug deala

The only n***a could fade me is my barber dawg
The reapers callin'
The week is fallin'
He hit me with his all'n but I came up ballin'
I'm in a hot spot I know not what's gonna happen next
But if these n****s start to flex
I'mma grab this tek & make em' hit the deck
I gots much love to any n***a that be Tru to me
Look murder is my specialty so be careful what you say to me
Brought here thuggin' came out sluggin' for the belly of a whale
I represent what's real makin' you half a** n****s squeal
I was told if you got game then run it
If anybody crosses ya besta smoke that m*******a like he blunted
I'm ah big dog, the boss hog, ah hustla that distribute crack
A million dolla n***a washin' b*****s like a laundry mat

[Chorus:] - 2X

Somebody call the coroner cause Spade done lost his fu***n' mind
Red dottin' while most of you n****s is shootin' blind
Load, lock, & aim
Bangin' from long range
You played the wrong game now bullets rain on your brain
Blood stains remain where your body was lyin'
Caught up in G s**t now statistics multiplyin'
It's terrifyin' I'm on that a** like a saddle
With double barrel
In my night stalk apparel
This my slaughter house & you the caddle
Drama's what you wanted so I gave you what you asked fo'
A chalked line & a blow mind
They wanna retaliate fine
Cause I ain't hard to find

[Chorus:] - 2X

Now welcome to the area were guns bust
Frequently I hear shots, frequently I hear sounds of cops
Surround the block, my spot china lit candles
Muthafuckas I dismantle usin' pistols with taped up handles
Signed under a record company run by G's
For my royalty ceo broke us off a half of ki
Now picture me movin' all under a week
Let me educate these G's, turn it in to 36 O-Z's
Times two, that 72 O-Z's, two ki's
My destiny's to make my cheese of these dirty streets
One way or the other dope game or the rap hustle
I'm gonna make mines off tape sales or drug smuggles

[Chorus:] - 2X

[Master P]
Hustla, balla
Hustla, balla, gangsta, cap peela
Who I be?
Hustla, balla
Hustla, balla, gangsta, cap peela
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Hustla Baller Lyrics

Ghetto Commission – Hustla Baller Lyrics