Lastly walkin' by
Our places
For a long time
Without find ya
And I'm thinking how
Your back could be sweet
And how my agony is long
What's gonna be
My destiny's pain

Sometimes sincerly
I believe that I forget ya
But by a moment
I feel your present on me
All my soul is yours
And I finish havin' shure
That I'm gonna
Love you forever, baby
So come, come
Come on soon

That is so amazing
When you looked at me
I'm walking by my momory
I see us so far away
I'm watching so atentive
I just find
The shine of our memories
From nobody
I want so many beauty

And now
The loneliness threat me
With the finger
And smile to me
Time too much
Of adventure I lived
In your stranger lands
For don't come back
Without tears



And who
Who was that one day
Like a windstorm
Runned away from me


I just find
The shine
Of our memories
From nobody
I want so many beaty
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Loneliness Lyrics

Georgia Brown – Loneliness Lyrics

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