Something happened to me late last night
Felt so warm and free holding her so tight

Now I got this fever
Covers me from coast to coast and all day

She took a hold of my feelings
With a simple soft demand
She had the power to move me
And I played right into her hands

Now I got this fever
But I found out that
Love's supposed to be this way

Angelina, your the queen of my make believe
Someday we'll cross the line, you and me
It's the morning after, Angelina

Love late into the night is just a state of mind
'Cause I'm in love with a woman that'll never be mine

I got this fever,
Covers me from coast to coast and all day

Put the devil behind me
Making time on a tired old town
Where the night life makes me crazy
Crazy for that little girl

Done got this fever
And it follows me through the valley of the shamed

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Angelina Lyrics

George – Angelina Lyrics