You can take a horse to the water
But you can't make him drink
Oh no, oh no, oh no
A friend of mine in so much misery
Some people sail through life, but he has struck a reef
I said 'hey man let's go out and get some wisdom'
But first he turned on me, then he turned off his nervous system
You take a horse to water but
You can't make him drink
Oh no, oh no, oh no
You can have it all layed/staked out in front
Of you but it still don't make you think
Oh no, oh no, oh no
Someone I love is gotta problem
Some people thirst for truth, but he would like a drink
I said 'Hey man this could turn out to be risky'
He said 'everything's ok' as he downed another bottle of whiskey
There's a preacher out there warned me about Satan
Could be that he knows him
Cause' He acts like he's possessed
I said 'Hey man let's hear about God realisation
For a change'
He said "We ain't got time for that
First you must hear the evils of fornication"
© George Harrison & Dhani Harrison
Rip Ltd, 2001
Recorded 2 October 2001
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Horse To Water Lyrics

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George Harrison – Horse To Water Lyrics

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