Of all the things that I could be doing
I'm up hours trying to make something of you
I got a new set of strings, not a word to settle on
I been causing scenes at an ending I knew all along

And it serves me right, I guess
For gladly volunteering for a good kick in my chest
It serves me right, I guess
For pretending not to notice I was settling for less

Fat and happy, fixed and puffed up for awhile
Nothing could shake me, that is, until you changed your smile
Suddenly, I'm defenseless and defamed
While you get everything you want without giving up your game

It serves me rightâ?¦

And I can't seem to get clean from the magic you bring

Yeah, I'm easy for ever spending time so carelessly
Just living for your line
And I'm crazy for thinking love has changed
Still trading all my finest hours for one ordinary day

It serves me rightâ?¦
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Serves Me Right Lyrics

Garrison Starr – Serves Me Right Lyrics