Use me, I'm beautiful
Take me, I'm yours
Hurt me, it feels like medicine
And all I deserve

People have funny things
Swimming inside
They swing like pendulums
They turn like the tides

I don't need money
I could be happy
With someone to love

Oh what a crazy time
I've been a fool
On a wild ride to oblivion
I lost my mind

But with you it's understood
You make me feel strong
Your arms look so powerful
When they hold me down


Everyone looks dangerous
And no one keeps their promises
And I am always running
And you have your dark places

We never said (regretting)
We wish we said (something)
We should have said (regretting)
We could've said (something)

I don't need money
Or strangers to love me
No diamonds and pearls
Or fast cars
Designed for the rock stars

I could be happy
With someone to trust
Someone to love
Someone to trust

Use me, I'm beautiful
Take me, I'm yours
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Use Me Lyrics

Garbage – Use Me Lyrics

Songwriters: Manson, Shirley Ann / Vig, Bryan David / Erickson, Douglas Elwin / Marker, Steve W
Use Me lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd., Universal Music Publishing Group

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