You know who I am, show you a land
Where you can be free, can get your relief.
Space is all yours, desires come true.
Love of your life waitin' for you.

I got no time for wasting all my day,
Come on and follow, follow me away.
Space eater, you're losing control
Space eater, and I own your soul

I'll make you happy ain't no lie,
Come eat my space, you're gonna fly.
Let me control your senses,
And lose your mind, your worries inside.

A little bit, a little bit,
You're drowning in a lustry whirl,
be superman or wonder girl.
Oh, we fly away on supersonic dreams,
we ride on universal star shine,
Through space.
I got no time to stand and waste my day.
Come on and follow, follow me away,
Space eater
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Space Eater Lyrics

Gamma Ray – Space Eater Lyrics

Songwriters: KAI HANSEN

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