I don't believe in fame, I believe in music.
I don't believe in money, I believe in the power of love.
I know I got a brain and I know how to use it.
I don't want no one to stick his finger in my pie.
You think you put your best foot forward,
But it is moved by someone else.
In blind belief you follow every path that says:
I lead you to a universe of fortune, fame and luck.
Do you really wanna be - rich and famous, rich and famous.
Do you really wanna be - rich and famous now.
I don't believe in Rock 'n' Roll illusions.
I don't believe that what they say must always be the truth.
I don't believe in good guys against bad guys.
I just might as well say I believe in Santa Claus.
Mr. Big shot: what is your game?
Mr. Big shot: what is your final aim?
Now you wonder who is to blame...
Mr. Big shot: what is your final aim in life?
Rich and famous, house with two bars, big jacuzzi, car with tv.
Private airplane, furs and diamonds, seafood cocktails;
Crap and bullshit!
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Rich And Famous Lyrics

Gamma Ray – Rich And Famous Lyrics

Songwriters: KAI HANSEN
Rich And Famous lyrics © THE BICYCLE MUSIC COMPANY

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