Uh, let's go
Here we go, uh
Here we go y'all
Here we go y'all
Once again, yeah
Who better nigga let's go

Nope, I never got locked up
Never got shot up
But fuck around though
Beat your whole damn block up
Find your bitch knocked up
See keep it cocked up
I'm sick call the doctor
Beat the shit out ya
Beef I don't sweat that
Niggaz wanna dead that
They come home, find a bullet in

They girl head rack uh
How you love that
What happened to them thug cats
With all the guts niggaz gettin in club at
Now I done fucked up
I done caught y'all frontin'
Get your jaw tapped up
Get your chin bone buzzin'
You can't squad me
Now your all alone cousin

The kids got no pops, wife no husband
God damn shame though
It's not a game though
Why y'all act like you don't know my fuckin name though
It's Bad Seed
Style off the chain yo
Only close my eyes when I'm gettin brains yo
It's like uh
Thought it was a game huh
Didn't know the name huh uh
It's like, it's like uh
Still for the kids though
Niggaz let your clips off uh
It's like uh
Bitches take your thong off
Shake yo stank ass baby girl it's a song off
It's like, it's like uh
Meet me at the ball court
Blow shorty back out till she had
To crawl out, crawl out
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Uhhnnh Lyrics

Funkmaster Flex – Uhhnnh Lyrics

Songwriters: C. Pierson, Dominick Lamb, J. White
Uhhnnh lyrics © Royalty Network Music Publishing Ltd.

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