Another day, I'm wondering
Who's gonna bother me today
'cause every day it's just the same
People say I'm insane
They can't stand the way I think
Keep on calling me a freak
The way the act, it makes me sick
To hell with them 'cause I ain't weak

Join the kids on the streets
United we are strong
Join the kids on the streets
And we will take 'em all
Join the kids on the streets
Let's make this bullshit done
Join the kids on the streets
You know where to come along

They are talking 'bout the clothes I wear
It is fatman with his hat
He doesn't like the colour of my hair
He yells at me : "you filthy rat"
Can you tell me what your problem is
Hey man, just leave me alone
Cause I can do whatever I want
Your remarks will soon be done
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Join The Kids Lyrics

Funeral Dress – Join The Kids Lyrics