Where's your energy?
What were you thinking? When you poured your coffee
Aas you were drinking did you have to choke it down
You feel it sinking into your subconscious
Your eyes dry from blinking
Hell I didn't want to shut you out
There's a party in your head and no-one's invited yet
As the drugs work their magic you realize that your cup is empty
Little man says fill it again
Maybe something stronger to get you through the day
Send you on your way
Maybe something stronger

(where's your energy?)

You make a difference.
Lawyer, Prostitute, Doctor, Destitute,
There's no substitute
You make the difference.

I was just thinking but my mind got away from me
These pills are kicking but I really had to choke them down
I feel it sinking into to my frontal lobe
My eyes dry from blinking but I didn't mean to shut you down

You spend your life trying to find yourself
Then you'd better be prepared to accept what you might find.
You spend your life trying to find yourself
If you'd only understand you're here right now.
Be prepared to accept what you might find
It's every thing you'll ever need.
You make the difference.
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Where's Your Energy? Lyrics

Full Scale – Where's Your Energy? Lyrics