Number one in acquisitions
Now there is no foreign soil
Go global like a round thing
Go global like a hole

To every money matchmaker
Splicing green as fast as you can:
Let's break it down and start again

Memo to the partners:
I'm changing all the locks
I'm pissing on your modems
I'm shredding all the stocks
Choose a color for your ceiling
I'm waiting for the bottom to drop
In a room so brightly lit
I can't see in

You would never say you were out of time
(Your secret's out)
Coming with the fiction all the time
(Your secret's out)
But, there's a call coming on the other line
Your secret's out

Lap of luxury
Lapping waste
Crusing towards a bruising crash
Thread-heald anvil's going to break

When the letter returns to the sender
I can hardly wait
God, this room's so brightly lit
I can't see shit

Thank you, may I have another?
I will be your eager driver
Your service provider
Your maitre'd

Thank you, may I have another
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Oh Lyrics

Fugazi – Oh Lyrics