Keep it centered - keep it low
Keep it runnin' - let's go
Watch it climb - on it's own
The more we see - the more we know
We know

Four wheels and a lift
What we gave - we get
The convoy was down
There was nothing left - no one around
We strapped ourselves in tight
We were the first - and we're alright
It's movin' way too fast
Now shut the doors - and hit the gas

Chorus: soo over the edge
They said x2

I lift my head I soon realized
I remembered - back in time
What was rollin' along
Movin' circle - on and on
An image so small
We heard the word - we heard the call
Let's keep our story straight
It doesn't matter - it's way too late

Chorus x2

Repeat first

The more we see we know the more we know x4
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Over The Edge Lyrics

Fu Manchu – Over The Edge Lyrics