Well baby they're are other ways, and then there is us.
Who stumble mad through the night.
With the constellation.
Get it, get in.
Everybody wants some.
You won't be much different.

We need deliverance!
Give us deliverance!

Let's rip of the bandage.
Open our mouths like a wound.
We can't embrace the truth.
I'm trying to tell you the grass isn't always greener.
I'm trying to tell you the grass isn't always greener,
From our side of the fence.

Let's all sing the tune.
A declaration of the two
And let's all scream the song
The melody to our cold arms


Get real, get free.
If you can live with yourself then the rest will proceed.

Get real

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Deliverance! Lyrics

From First To Last – Deliverance! Lyrics

Songwriters: Anzai, Emma / Moore, Shimon / Creswell, Brett Matthew
Deliverance! lyrics © Kobalt Music Publishing Ltd.

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