French Montana:
Hold on to ya love

French Montana:
If you wanna do it, take your time
Do it right
You can do it baby
Get yo' money right

Verse 1
Max B:
After two fifths of Cru, I had the plan made
N***a got his food ate, patched it up wit' a band-aid
Max mayonaisse, macaroni cheese, and mustard
Your b*****s look busted
S**t got me disgusted, clusters droop off the left wrist
I think I got a death wish
Sittin' back, suicidal thoughts of doin' it
Hittin' the switch, all my ni***z could move a brick
I can move the s**t on a slow day, no play, okay
I be speakin' to my b***h Oshay
And as we roll on, hold on to ya love
Mami fiendin', she want more drugs
Shaking and she goin' through withdrawls
Big pitfalls, I'm 'bout to be the s**t dog
Can a n***a stop what I'm bringin', singin'
Soundin' all good
I'm going all around the hood, it's Max B


Verse 2
French Montana:
Get high till we can't see
Your rap career over, look for plan B
These rap ni***z, softer than cotton candy
I ain't a boss, all my ni***z family
Every n***a near me, got a gun just as big as Camby
That's Marcus, and open coffins
Bootleg cable, and b***h
You get what you bring to the table
I got shrimp and spaghetti, and Prego sauce
Yeah my boy polished, homie ding those off
And I hear him knockin', it's the Wavie Crockett
With more hoes from River Road
And more O's, and plenty rolled
From food stamps to big checks
And I'll smack a b***h wit' a 100 stacks off a reflex
That's a jackpot, 650 with the ragtop
And Pillsbury for a mascot


Verse 3
Tony Yayo:
S. O. D. Swammies On Deck homie
My killers O. D. And die for respect homie
The barrel of my gun, start to pre-c**
Fiendin' to buss, I'm low when the D's come
G-Unit is a money-makin' fountain
25 on the wrist, my chick in Christian Laboutan's
Kick a n***a in the head, football punt a n***a
Then stab a n***a quick like a London n***a
Your career is a blender n***a, mine is promised
I wear a 9 in the snakeskin Pradas
Wit' a 9 in a chick that's chasin' dollars
Like I'm chasin' dollars
By any means necessary, yeah a n***a necklace heavy
Let the caviar dreams star out
I'm in the hood with the Porsche out
To the G5 turbulation
The fly dude by it, where they camel-racin'

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Do It Right Lyrics