I, believed in you
Why'D you leave when you
Said that you'D never let me go
All I gave was love
Wasn'T that enough
Tell me the truth, I need to know
I can say to myself, that I don'T need you beside me
That I'Ve finally put it all behind me... but
I'D only be lying to myself
And I'D only be dreaming of what,
I know would not come true
Coz no matter what I do
To try to think I'M doing well
Reality is that I'M still not over you
I, go, everyday
Trying to find my way
Drifting into the empty roads
Cryin' every night
These tears, so hard to fight
What do I do, I just don'T know
I can say to myself that I never needed you, anyway
And after all, I'Ve nothing more to say...
(Repeat chorus)
I thought that it was never ending
I thought that we were not pretending it was real
I know my heart will soon be mending
And after the rain, the sun will soon reveal...
That I
Chorus ii
I have been lying to myself
And I, I have been dreaming of what
I thought would not come true
I know after what I'M going through
I will be doing well
And when the day comes,
I know what I'Ll say is true
That reality is... I'M finally over you
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Lying To Myself Lyrics

Freestyle – Lying To Myself Lyrics