Carry me away
I know your angel eye can see through me
Carry me away
Far away from the love you give so generously
So generously

Woman, oh oh

I got a burning heart
I need to tell you that it's you I love
I got a burning heart
I need to tell you that I'll never get enough
Never, never, never, never get enough, ooh babe

Woman, oh oh

Yeah, marry me today
I'll give you all I own except my car
Marry me today, baby
I'll give you everything but my guitar
But my guitar and my car

Woman, oh oh

Let me hold your tongue
For I know you'll understand the way I feel
Baby, I know you'll understand
That all I wanna do is take your hand

I don't mean to do you no harm, baby
I just wanna be your man
Oh, I just wanna be your man, baby
Lord, I wanna be, I wanna be
Hey, woman, I'll be your man
Woman, I'll be your man, yeah
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Woman Lyrics

Free – Woman Lyrics