Ladies and Gentlemen, well fzck them niggas
To all my women ladies.
It's your boy freaknizzle, freaknasty, brother freaknik I'm back bztch that's right.
You aint gotta close your eyes this aint no dream bztch. I got it
You aint gotta watch your kids, you can go and get your nails did, I'll save ya
And I can open up these doors, you can put on your clothes and watch your behavior
Because I'm here to save you girl
Now go and findя you a rich white man and maybe he can pay ya, it might be minimum wage but, it's okay cause you're a new girl
And aint nobody gon' be on the mic calling "send womenя to the stage girl"
I can't wait girl, because I'm gonna save you
You aint gotta worry bout fat dude tryna lay you
Let's start with a brand new job and see where that takes you
From this moment on baby you're my girl
And this goes out to all the strugglin strippers in the world
And this goes out to all the wannabe strippers in the world.
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Save You Lyrics

FreakNik – Save You Lyrics

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