And I'll take you home
Even if I have to wait for hours
And I'll keep you strong
When you seem to have run out of your superpowers

Your candle burns at both ends
And mostly in the middle
But you won't learn
That you can't even do better when you sit still
And don't you know it's really sad
That you might just forget how to laugh

Cause even Wonder Woman needs her sleep
And Wonder Woman even gets her nails done
And Wonder Woman takes a break for her own sake
Not every time a battle's won

And alright, what's new?
Did the world just miss its second meltdown?
And if it weren't for you
Would the stars all be trying to fall on our heads now?

And you know it's time
That you actually tried to put yourself first
Could it be, you don't see there are better things
Than stopping them being worse
And don't you know that it's OK
To take a rest some days

[Chorus:Repeat x2]

Behind every Wonder Woman
Is a pretty lonesome heart
You should do your best to involve it
Before you even start

Cause Wonder Woman even gets her nails done
She gets her hair done
She gets her hair done

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Wonder Woman Lyrics

Frankmusik – Wonder Woman Lyrics

Songwriters: Turner, Vincent
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