Frank zappa (lead guitar, vocals)Lowell george (guitar, vocals)Roy estrada (bass)Don preston (keyboards)Buzz gardner (trumpet)Ian underwood (alto saxophone)Bunk gardner (tenor saxophone)Motorhead sherwood (baritone saxophone)Jimmy carl black (drums)Arthur tripp (drums)Fz:Thank you.Audience:No violence here, it’s part of the. . .Fz:Would you like to come up here and sing with us? Come on, anybody can sing this stuff.Audience:Nahh, I wanna-wanna I wanna think that stuff.Fz:You wanna what? Audience:Think it.Fz:You wanna think it? Audience:Yeah, right.Fz:Why don’t you make up some words for us and well sing ’em.Audience:Johnny velvet on the loose. oooh, yeah, johnny velvet.Fz:Where is johnny velvet? Audience:Why don’t you look inna central park? help I’m a rock!Fz:Help I’m a rock, you really want us to play that? Audience:Yeahhh, noo, yeahFz:Yeah, no, who gives a shit
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Where Is Johnny Velvet? Lyrics

Frank Zappa – Where Is Johnny Velvet? Lyrics