In just one day you would make
The same mistakes you've always made
And all you do is just to prove
And torment that I could still be with you
But I don't want to
And you can't live without me by your side
You've tried, but you know it's true
That I don't need you

I could go on and on

And now I've learned
To not talk first
'Cause you twist and turn all my words
Into little shapes you place them how you see them
But it never makes sense
'Cause you pretend
To know how it feels to be left
Well I've spent 3 years gettin' you out of my head
But you're back again

I could go on and on
(I got ya' in my pocket)
(My picture in your locket)
(I got ya' where I wanted)
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I Could Go On And On Lyrics

Frame The City – I Could Go On And On Lyrics