Don't you dare
Speak for someone you don't know
They'll feel it in the back of their throat
We know i can't constuct a poem
'Cause words like girls get bored and run
C'est la vie
I say "I've got many better things"
I've got nothing
You should see me
I smoke myself to sleep
And blame postmodern things I can't relate
Like summer camp and coastal states
Like alcohol and coffee beans
Dance floors and magazines
I think It's safe to say I've only got
myself to blame
But boys in swooping haircuts
Are bringing me down
Taking pictures of themselves
Oh no

And so I walk to web in search of love
But always seem to end up stuck
I'm finding flaws in everyone
I've reached the point where all I want
Is to sleep around
In hopes that I will catch back up
We are parallel lines
We're running in circles
We're never meant to cross

I'm at a loss
You were my tangerine
My pussycat
My trampoline
Now all's I get are wincing cheeks
And Dog problems
I signed a lease
Thinking my heart belonged
At 93rd and Park
Instead I broke a girls heart
And flew back to Phoenix
To finish the year as it started

Can you hear me?
Are you listening?
This is the sound of my heart breaking
And I hope it's entertaining
'Cause for me
It's a bitch

Was it worth it?
When you slept with him?
Did you get it all out of your system?

I am a man
Holding it all
I couldn't breathe
Coming across
I didn't know
I couldn't get up

B is for believing
You'd always be here for me
E is for everything
Even when we'd see it through
C, C is for seeing through you,
You are a fake
Which brings me to:
Because, because you always run away

I never finish phrases I misspell
An open arm's a prison cell
When I said "I hate what I've become"
I lied, I hated who I was
So when you start to wonder
About the pain in my throat
The don't you ever, no never ever
Speak for someone
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Dog Problems Lyrics

Format – Dog Problems Lyrics