Beasts and trees are warning me
Great danger in the country
They're coming from the old castle
By order of the queen
Ground is shaking all around
All creatures fleeing away
Are they here to capture or kill me?
I must find a place I won't be found
Oh no...
Find a place...
I won't be found
What do they want from me?
Is there a price on my head?
How did I become so harmful?
Why not just let me be?
I am just the Lady of the forest
Healing all the wounds of men
Consider this as my quest
I am just the lady...
I'm the lady of the forest
Now I can hear them, they are near
There's no escape, I'm in fear
I can see them through the dust
And I realize, realise I am lost
The chase has now begun
I feel like a fox on the run
Dear mother nature please protect me
I will give my life for thee...for thee...
I will life for you
I am just... Of the forest...
The lady...
Lady of the forest

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Lady Of The Forest Lyrics

Forgotten Tales – Lady Of The Forest Lyrics